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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Do you allow pets? 
Although, we love our furry friends at this moment the property only allows service and companion pet with proper credentials.

FAQ #2: What are the income requirements? 
The income requirement is based on the number of household members that will reside in the unit. Call the leasing office for further details.

FAQ #3: Will you accept my Letter of Priority Entitlement? Will that move up my place on the waitlist? 
Due to RD requirements, priority entitlement is only allowed when the President and/or Governor of said State declare a natural disaster.

FAQ #4: Is Coronado Glen two properties? 
We operate as one property, but we have both family and senior housing available. Call the leasing office for further details. 

FAQ #5: Do you accept Section 8? 
We have some Section 8 housing on our family side, call the leasing office for full details. 

FAQ #6: Why did my position on the waiting list change?
There might be a few reasons. Based on RD requirements, housing will go to the applicant with the lowest amount of income reported. Or there might have been a current resident who was overutilized and must be transferred to a smaller unit size. Or perhaps your contact information was not up-to-date in your waitlist application. Per RD requirements, if contact information is not current and up-to-date that waitlist application is skipped. If you have questions, please call the leasing office for further details.